In the Beginning: The Complete Book of Genesis

In the Beginning: The Complete Book of Genesis
You've Never Read Genesis Like This Before! The riveting story of man's beginnings leaps off the page in this new Bible version that presents a chronological account of the Bible's most foundational and beloved stories. From the creation and fall, to Abraham and his demonstration of faith, to Joseph and his trials in Egypt, this Bible's unique, novel-like format transforms words on paper to an encounter with the one and only God.
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The Word Truth Life Bible (WTLB) was born of the desire to provide an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand version of the Bible. Many Christians know the familiar stories, but for many reasons they don’t read the entire Bible to learn how everything fits together. Some of the common reasons for this are:

  • The Bible is big.
  • The Bible is confusing.
  • The Bible is boring.

The WTLB solves these issues. Although there are many differences in comparison with traditional Bibles, Route 66 Ministries is committed to acknowledging the full and complete authority of Scripture, remaining true to its entire message. Therefore, despite its different packaging, unique formatting, and shorter length, none of the Bible’s content is missing. Fidelity to the Bible’s message has been the main concern in undertaking such a project.

Here are just a few benefits of The Word Truth Life Bible:

It’s chronological – Events are placed in the order that they occurred, as far as could be determined.

It’s harmonized – The harmonization feature makes this Bible unique. It means scriptures that provide the same information are merged into one narrative. Most people are familiar with harmonies of the Gospels, but once this Bible is complete, it will harmonize Scripture from Genesis to Revelation.

It’s shorter – Because of the harmonization feature, the entire Bible is shorter, but no information is lost. This eliminates the intimidation of reading such a huge book. For example, all four Gospels can be read in half the time it would normally take.

It’s uniquely formatted – For example:

  • Chapters and verses have been removed from within the narratives to prevent unnatural breaks in the storyline. However, scripture references are still present as headings for those who prefer them.
  • Scripture references are aligned right instead of left; this makes it easier to read the Bible like a novel, as the headings don’t interfere with or interrupt the reading flow.
  • Tables and bullets are used to break up text, making the information easier to digest and understand.
  • Dialogue is formatted as is common in novels, making it easier to follow the speaker.

It’s interesting! – I’m going to let you in on a little secret…the Bible isn’t boring! Yes, there are many passages that make for slow reading, and yes, some of it may be less than stimulating. But the Bible as a whole is the most riveting story I’ve ever read! Sometimes all you need is a different presentation to get through the hard parts, and that’s how this chronological Bible series will assist.

Because of the vastness of this project, each portion of the Bible is being published as it is completed. Work on the Old Testament has already begun and will be published in the coming year. So stay tuned!

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